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What's New in Oxygen PDF Chemistry 22.1

Related Versions: 22.022.1

May 19, 2020

Version 22.1 of Oxygen PDF Chemistry provides many new additions, including improved painting of change bars by removing duplicates and positioning, the ability to control the repetition of table captions, styling embedded SVG images using the CSS associated with your main document, improved handling of the overflow-wrap CSS property, and support for showing tracked changes content as PDF annotations.

Chemistry Processor

Control the Repetition of Table Captions

You can now control the repetition of table captions on all the pages the table spans. Furthermore, you can add static content beside the repeating caption to show that the table is continued from another page. For more details, see Repeating Captions in the documentation.

Style Embedded SVG in Your Customization CSS

You now have the possibility of styling embedded SVG images from the same custom CSS associated with your main document. A new parameter called use.css.for.embedded.svg can be used to specify whether or not the custom CSS is applied to embedded SVG elements.

Improved Handling of the overflow-wrap Property

The handling of the break-word value for the overflow-wrap CSS property was improved. For example, very long words in narrow table columns are now broken onto a second line.

Show Change Tracking Content in PDF Annotations

A new parameter called -show-changed-text-in-pdf-sticky-notes-content is available for controlling what information about tracked changes is shown in PDF annotations. If it is set to yes, the content of insertion or deletion changes is shown in the annotation, while only the inserted and deleted labels are shown if the parameter is set to no.

Improved Handling of Change Bars

Duplicate change bars painted on parent and child blocks have been removed. Change bars are also placed in better locations within the page, avoiding text overlaps.