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What's New in Oxygen PDF Chemistry 22.0

Related Versions: 22.022.1

February 12, 2020

Version 22 of Oxygen PDF Chemistry is the latest release for the CSS Paged Media processor that allows you to obtain PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS. It comes bundled with Oxygen XML Author, Oxygen XML Editor, and Oxygen XML Developer distributions.

This release includes numerous updates and improvements to help you style your PDF output using CSS.

Chemistry Processor

Performance Improvements

The overall performance of the Chemistry processor was improved up to 20%.

Support for PDF Change Bars

It is now possible to display change bars to mark some revised elements in the content. For example, they are useful for flagging new content in a file. For details, see Change Bars.

Hyphenated Words are Searchable

Hyphenated words are now searchable, and can be copied from a PDF reader and pasted in their original form without the hyphen.

CSS Level 3 'calc()' Function Now Supported

Chemistry now supports the CSS level 3 calc() function. It allows complex computation including arithmetic operators and percentage values.

Type1C OTF Fonts Supported

Support was added for rendering Type1C OTF fonts in SVG.

Improved Support for CJK Languages

Fallback fonts were added for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) languages.

Support for the 'fill' Value for the 'width' Property

Support was added for the fill value for the width property. It can be used to fill the entire available width in table cells.

Support for '-oxy-first-line' Value for the 'alignment-baseline' CSS Property

Support was added for the -oxy-first-line value for the alignment-baseline CSS property. Using this extension, you can align the text between inline blocks using their first lines instead of the last line (which is the default).

Add Links to the Page Margin Boxes

It is also possible to add a link inside the document header (or footer) by using the -oxy-link property on the @page margin box declaration. For more details, see Using the CSS -oxy-link Property.

Improved Text Wrapping

Some text wrapping issues were fixed for inline elements inside codeblocks.

Component Update: Apache FOP 2.4

Updated Apache FOP to version 2.4.

Component Update: Apache Batik 1.12

Updated the Apache Batik SVG toolkit to version 1.12.