What's New in Oxygen Feedback Enterprise 2.1

April 14, 2022

Related version: 2.0    

Version 2.1 of Oxygen Feedback Enterprise brings you more exciting features for the modern comment management platform that provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback.

There are changes in:

Page Ratings

New Page Ratings Component

A new page ratings component now appears at the top of the commenting component, by default. It displays a question (e.g. Was this page helpful?) with two options that users can choose from (e.g. Yes or No). The feature can be disabled and you can configure the question and the possible options to choose from when creating or editing the site configuration.

View Page Ratings Statistics

Users with an administrative role (owner or admin) now have access to a Page Ratings statistics page in the administration interface. It displays the top 100 pages that have received up or down votes for the current site configuration.

Configure Page Ratings Question for Each Site Configuration

When creating or editing a site configuration, you have the ability to configure the question that is displayed in the page ratings component in the output. You can also configure the two possible options that users have to choose from. For example, the configurable default question is Was this page helpful?, and the configurable default possible options are Yes or No.

Receive Daily Email of Page Ratings Statistics

Users with an administrative role (owner or admin) will now receive a daily email that contains a report of the pages that were rated within the past 24 hours. This feature can be disabled/enabled in the Notifications tab within the Profile page.

Block-level Comments

Option to Control Block-Level Comments

A new Allow block level comments option was added in the settings page when adding or editing a site configuration. It is enabled by default. Deselecting the option will disable the block-level comments feature in the output.

Option to Highlight Block Elements

A new Outline current block on hover option was added in the settings page when adding or editing a site configuration. If selected, an outline is rendered on any block elements that allow block-level comments, when hovering over the element (if the element does not already have a comment associated with it).

Block-Level Comments Widget Placement Optimized

The placement of the widget for block-level comment was optimized so that the comment can be more precisely attached to an element within a hierarchy of elements. For example, if you have a paragraph element that contains a note element, a widget will now appear for both elements so that the comment can be attached to the specific element of your choosing. Previously, the comment was only attached to the child element.

Commenting Component

Selected Content is Automatically Inserted as a Quote in New Comment

When adding a new comment, if there is a selection in the document, the selected text is added as a block quote. This makes it easy to quote specific text within the current document when adding your comment.


Filter Comments That Were Reopened

A new Reopened state was added to the comment resolution workflow. Previously, when a comment was reopened, it would change the comment's status to Open. Now, the status is shown as Reopened in this scenario. This also means that you can view and filter comments that are in a Reopened status in the Comments moderation page within the Administration Interface and also in the Feedback Comments Manager View.

Receive a Notification When Someone Resolves Your Comment

You will now receive an email notification when someone marks one of your comments as resolved. This feature can be disabled/enabled in the Notifications tab within the Profile page.


Updates to the Procedure for Changing the Default Logos

It is possible to change the default logos that are displayed in the headers in the Feedback interfaces. The procedure for achieving this has been changed slightly. A new feedback.header.logo.url property can be set in the config/feedback-application.properties file to specify a custom logo to be used as the default logo that is displayed in the header of the Administration Interface pages (if an organization logo has not been chosen) and in the header of the commenting component in the output (if a logo was not chosen for the particular site configuration). The already supported feedback.header.logo.url property can be used to specify the logo to be displayed in the sign up/log in page. For more details, see How to Change the Default Application Name, Favicon, Logos.

Component Updates

Removed Dependency on Log4j

Removed the dependency on Apache Log4j to help prevent security vulnerabilities.

Apache Tomcat 9.0.58

Updated Apache Tomcat to version 9.0.58.

Jackson 2.12.6

Updated the third-party jackson-databind library to version 2.12.6 to fix a security vulnerability.

Logback Core 1.2.10

Updated the logback-core library to version 1.2.10.

Spring Boot Dependencies 2.6.6

Updated the spring-boot-dependencies library to version 2.6.6.