What's New in Oxygen Feedback Enterprise 2.0

Dec 16, 2021

Related version: 2.1    

Version 2.0 of Oxygen Feedback Enterprise offers a lot of exciting new enhancements for the modern comment management platform that provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback.

There are changes in:

Organization Support

This version introduces the concept of an organization in the Oxygen Feedback workflow. All users and site configurations belong to an organization. The benefits include:

  • Each organization's data is isolated from other organizations.
  • Each organization can manage levels of access by specifying a user role for each invited member.
  • Each organization can use their own Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions.

Organization User and Site Configuration Management

Each organization's creator/owner can choose who to invite to join the organization and they can specify and manage the user roles for all its members. All of this can be done in the new organization Members page available from the administration interface.

Organization Login Flow

At login, all users are logged in to the proper organization. Admins and moderators specify the organization when logging in to the administration interface, while commenters who log in from the commenting component are automatically logged in to the organization that controls the output.

Use Custom Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions

An organization owner or admin can specify URLs for a custom Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions that each member must agree to when signing up. This can be done in the new Organization Profile page available from the administration interface.

Organization Statistics

The owner of the organization and all of its admins have access to a new Usage Statistics page that provides data in regard to the number of page views and comments added for all of the site configurations attached to the organization.

Commenting Component Improvements

Site Branding

The name of the site and its logo are now displayed in the header area of the Feedback commenting component in the output.

Block-level Comments Also Displayed at the Bottom of the Page

The content of block-level comments is now also displayed in the global comments area at the bottom of the page. This is helpful for seeing all comments for a particular page aggregated in one location.

Direct Links to Block-level Comments

When a user clicks on a link to a block-level comment, the associated element is automatically scrolled into view and the comment is expanded.

Easy Access to the Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions

If an organization has specified URLs for their own Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, commenters will have access to links to those documents in the footer of the Feedback commenting component in the output.

Administration Interface Improvements

Redesigned Admin Dashboard

The Dashboard page in the administration interface was redesigned with the intent of creating more efficient access to various parts of the interface and aggregate all the helpful data and UI controls in one location. For example, the side panel was improved and now has links to all the new organization management pages (Sites, Usage Statistics, Members, Organization Profile). Also, the Get Started pane was introduced to offer easy access to the most popular tasks for first time users.

Admin Page URLs Updated

The URLs of the pages within the administration interface now include the name of the organization.

Workflow Improvements

Streamlined Workflow Processes

Various processes within the workflow of the application were streamlined to increase productivity. For example, after completing the registration process and confirming their email address, new users are redirected back to the page where the registration process was initiated. Also, when a user's role is changed, there is no longer a need for an email confirmation.


Use Mobile-friendly Logo

It is now possible to have two different logos for your Oxygen Feedback interface. This is helpful if the desktop version of your logo is too large for mobile devices. For more information, see How to Use a Different Logo for Mobile Devices.

Configure Custom OAuth Identity Provider

It is now possible to configure the login authentication using a custom OAuth Identity Provider by inserting your custom information as values for the associated properties in the config/feedback-oauth.properties file. For details, see How to Set up OAuth Authentication - Custom OAuth Identity Provider.

Component Updates

Spring Boot 2.5.6

Updated the spring-boot library to version 2.5.6.

Tomcat Embed Websocket 9.0.54

Updated the tomcat-embed-websocket library to version 9.0.54.

Apache Log4j 2.16

Updated the Apache Log4j library to version 2.16.

Logback Core 1.2.6

Updated the logback-core library to version 1.2.6.

Jsoup 1.14.2

Updated the jsoup library to version 1.14.2.