Build History of Oxygen Feedback enterprise Releases

Build ID: 2021052015

Thu, 24 May 2021 15:30:00 GMT

Oxygen Feedback Cloud / Subscriptions

  • Users are now allowed to renew their current plan subscription when the subscription was activated manually.

Oxygen Feedback Enterprise / LDAP

  • Fixed a PartialResultException error that happened when an Active Directory server was used for LDAP authentication.
  • Updated the config/ configuration file:
    • Added property: feedback.ldap.userSearchBase - Context name to search for users in, relative to the Base DN specified in the server URL.
    • Removed property: feedback.ldap.idAttribute.

Header bar

  • The Home, Sites, Dashboard links from the header bar are now always enabled.

User Manual

  • Created new topic for how to upgrade OFB Enterprise to a new version.