Oxygen Users Meetup - Prague 2013

This event took place in the pre-conference day and it was part of the XML Prague 2013 conference.

Here you can see the Oxygen Users Meetup agenda.


1XML Schema 1.1 support in OxygenOctavian Nadolu, Radu Pisoi
2XML editing for everyone Alexandru Jitianu, George Bina
3Working with modules Octavian Nadolu, Radu Pisoi
Coffee Break
4Review support for XML Alexandru Jitianu, George Bina
5Oxygen plugins and frameworksGeorge Bina
5.1Delta XML plugin for multi-merge supportNigel Whitaker
5.2An Oxygen framework for handling large documentsВасилий Старцев
5.3Image viewer plugin for OxygenKilian Schmidtner, Stefan Krause
5.4JATS frameworkGeorge Bina
5.5TEI frameworkGeorge Bina
6Closing sessionGeorge Bina

Video Presentations

XML Schema 1.1 support in oXygen

Octavian Nadolu, Radu Pisoi

XML editing for everyone

Alexandru Jitianu, George Bina

Review support for XML

Alex Jitianu

An XML Solution for Legal Documents

George Bina


University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

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