Oxygen Users Meetup Pre-Conference Day - XML Prague 2012


14:00 - 14:05Introduction
Case Studies
14:05 - 14:30[C1] These are a few of my favourite things...
Author: Tony Graham, Mentea
Tony Graham will share some of the Oxygen features he likes most and how he uses them.
XML Authoring
14:30 - 14:55[A1] How to configure a Document Type (aka framework) in 20 minutes
Authors: Iulian Velea and Radu Coravu, Syncro Soft
Oxygen provides built-in support for a number of vocabularies such as DocBook, DITA, TEI, XHTML, etc., but this support is not hard-coded, it is just a configuration. In this session you will see how to configure this support for a custom vocabulary.
14:55 - 15:20[A2] Advanced customization of the Author editing mode
Authors: Iulian Velea and Radu Coravu, Syncro Soft
Get an overview of the customization possibilities for Oxygen and how some of these extension points were implemented to provide a better user authoring experience for specific document types.
15:20 - 15:40 - Coffee Break
XML Development
15:40 - 16:05[D1] Improving XSLT productivity with Oxygen (advanced features)
Authors: Alex Jitianu and Octavian Nadolu, Syncro Soft
Learn how you can use Oxygen's advanced XSLT features to improve the speed and ease of developing XSLT modules. This includes validation scenarios, re-factory and search actions, XSLT documentation and much more.
16:05 - 16:30[D2] How to create and maintain XML Schemas using Oxygen XML Editor
Authors: Alex Jitianu and Octavian Nadolu, Syncro Soft
Discover how Oxygen helps you to design your XML Schemas using a powerful graphical editor and to maintain those schemas by offering refactoring tools or views that present the hierarchy or dependencies between XML Schemas.
Case Studies
16:30 - 16:55[C2] Customizing DocBook 5 and Oxygen to support end user requirements
Author: Eric van der Vlist, Dyomedea
Eric van der Vlist will share his experience in defining a subset of DocBook 5 for ENS Lyon and developing a framework for this subset based on the standard Oxygen framework for DocBook, with some additional customization in order to respond to end user requirements.
Partner Demo
16:55 - 17:00[D1] Author mode track-changes with DocBook/DITA comparison
Author: Nigel Whitaker and Anthony Smith, DeltaXML
DeltaXML has developed an Oxygen plugin which presents comparison results using two different author mode capabilities: CSS styling and track changes. The demo will discuss how the Author mode is used and some of the features and benefits of track-changes.
17:00 - 17:20 - Coffee Break
17:20 - 18:00[P1] Oxygen - past, present and future - an open discussion
Participants: George Bina, Stefan Vasile, Radu Coravu, Iulian Velea, Alex Jitianu and Octavian Nadolu, Syncro Soft
Get in touch will the people behind Oxygen and see an exclusive preview of some of the upcoming features.