VideosWhat's New in Oxygen Content Fusion 4.0


Duration: 02:43
This video presents some of the most requested and exciting new features added in Oxygen Content Fusion 4. For a complete list of the additions, updates and implementations go to our What's New page:


00:00:05It's a brand new year full of hope, and to get  it started, we are very excited to announce the  
00:00:10release of Oxygen Content Fusion 4.0. Here are some of the highlights of the  
00:00:15most interesting new features. One of the most requested features  
00:00:19has been the ability for teams to edit  and review content concurrently.  
00:00:24You can enable concurrent editing for any  particular task from the settings page.  
00:00:30Once enabled, multiple reviewers who have  access to the task can edit and review the  
00:00:36same document simultaneously ... ... and you can see who is modifying  
00:00:41the document in both the main visual editor  
00:00:44and in the activity stream on the left  side of the interface, all in real-time.  
00:00:54You now have the ability to  easily change the language  
00:00:58for the interface components  from your profile page.  
00:01:01The supported languages are English, French,  German, Japanese, Dutch, and Chinese ...  
00:01:06and it localizes all the  pages within the interface.  
00:01:14The visual editor now includes a dynamic  feature where certain editing events  
00:01:19will trigger a floating toolbar. It includes editing actions that are  
00:01:23available in the current context. This increases your productivity by  
00:01:28giving you easier access to the most  common editing and styling actions.  
00:01:39You can now copy content from the  Content Fusion visual editor...  
00:01:47and paste it into an external application  and the HTML structure is preserved.  
00:01:55The Outline pane that is available  for certain document types (such as  
00:02:00DocBook), was moved to the right side  of the interface along with the other  
00:02:03useful side panes to leave more room  for the activity stream on the left.  
00:02:14It is now easier to open links within documents  simply by using the Control Click shortcut...  
00:02:21and this opens the link in a new browser tab.  
00:02:27These were just some of the new  features added in Content Fusion version 4.0.  
00:02:33For a complete list of all the additions and  updates, go to our What's New page on our website.

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