What's New in Oxygen Content Fusion 4.0

March 4, 2021

Version 4.0 of Oxygen Content Fusion is the latest release for the innovative collaboration platform that is designed to improve any documentation review process.

Some of the most interesting improvements added in this version include the ability for collaborative teams to edit and review content concurrently, a new dynamic floating toolbar gives you easier access to the most common editing and styling actions, the language can now be changed for the entire user interface, and more.

Note: If are upgrading from a previous Content Fusion version, make sure you apply the backup process fix before upgrading.

See see many of the new features in action, watch our What's New in Oxygen Webinar.

Concurrent Editing

Concurrent Editing Support

Authoring teams now have the ability to edit and review content concurrently. This option can be enabled for any particular task that you are assigned as the owner in the Settings page. You and your colleagues can then edit and review the same document simultaneously in the visual editor. Each user can see the changes made by other users, and vice versa, in real-time.
Concurrent Editing Support


Change the UI Language

It is now possible to easily change the language of the interface. This option is found in your user profile page and the supported languages include English, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.
Change the UI Language

Visual Editor

Updated Oxygen XML Web Author

The visual editor that is based on Oxygen XML Web Author was updated to version 23.1.0, which contains numerous editing, performance, and security improvements. For details, please see What's New in Oxygen XML Web Author 23.1.0.

Floating Toolbar Provides Quicker Access to Common Editing Actions

You can now quickly invoke context-specific common actions in the visual editor. They are available in a floating toolbar that pops up when you select content. For example, if you select content inside a paragraph element, the floating toolbar includes common styling actions such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Subscript, Superscript, and others. It helps to increase your productivity by giving you easier access to the most common editing and styling actions.
Floating Toolbar Provides Quicker Access to Common Editing Actions

Copy Content and Paste as HTML

You can now copy content from documents in the visual editor and paste it into an external application (such as a Word document or email) and the HTML structure is preserved.
Copy Content and Paste as HTML

Ctrl+Click to Open Links

It is now easier to open links when editing documents in the visual editor, simply by using the Ctrl+Click shortcut. It opens the target of the link in a new browser tab.

Outline Pane Moved to the Right Side of the UI

The Outline pane, which displays a general tag overview of the currently open document, was moved to the right side of the interface along with the other useful side panes. This leaves more room for the activity stream on the left side of the interface.

Search Performance Optimized

Find/replace operations in the visual editor are optimized for better performance, particularly for very large documents with numerous matches.

Component Updates

Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Server (used in VMware, AWS, and Docker images) was updated to version 20.04.