Critical Content Fusion Backup Issue - Action Required

Issue description: An issue related to the backup process for task files was detected. The issue may lead to partial data loss of the task-related information and will affect you when you upgrade to a new version of Content Fusion or when you restore Content Fusion using such incomplete backup data.

Technical details: The Content Fusion backup has two parts:

  • A database backup that contains meta-data about users & tasks.
  • A backup that contains task files and configuration files (all the files in the /fusion/data folder, except for the database - db).

While testing Content Fusion with data generated from our company's internal usage, we discovered that all the sub-folders named db were excluded from the task files backup.

In Content Fusion version 2.0, the issue affects all tasks generated from projects that have a db sub-folder. In this case, after restore, the folder will be deleted.

In Content Fusion version 3.0, the tasks are stored in a more complex format, where files are distributed in folders according to the first two hexadecimal digits of the hash of their content. The db folder is one of the 256 folders where content is stored, so in this version, most of the deployments are likely to produce incomplete backups.

Affected versions: The following versions are affected:

  • Content Fusion version 2.0 and subsequent minor versions
  • Content Fusion version 3.0

Solving the issue: To solve this issue you need to update the backup process to avoid the potential data loss. The backup process fix will not interfere with a running Content Fusion instance, so it will not cause any downtime.

Prerequisites: You need to be an administrator of the Content Fusion server. You will need to connect to the server using SSH.

  • Determine the Content Fusion version from the /fusion/data/version file.
  • Download and apply the fix using one of the following procedures (based on your version):

Important: This update fixes the backups you will create going forward. Older backups may contain incomplete data and cannot be repaired, so after you apply the fix for the backup process, it is recommended to also create an updated backup!

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