Build Notes for Version 22.1 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2021121715

Fri, 17 Dec 2021 15:00:00 GMT

Critical/Security: Updated the Apache Log4j 2 library to version 2.16 to avoid the Log4Shell exploit. For more info see: CVE-2021-45046.

Build ID: 2021082013

Tue, 24 Aug 2021 09:00:00 GMT

Installation: Removed the Oxygen Content Fusion Connector plugin bundle from the Oxygen installation kit. It is now available as an optional add-on.

HiDPI/Text mode: Fixed an issue where fractional scaling (e.g. 125% or 150% scaling) caused some selection rendering issues on lines that contained Tab characters.

Security: Fixed a vulnerability issue (Remote Code Execution in Apache Velocity - CVE-2020-13936). For more info, see CVE-2020-13936

WebHelp Responsive/Security: Fixed an issue to prevent HTML injection in the search field's auto-complete drop-down list. For more info see: SYNC-2021-072301

Build ID: 2020121713

Fri, 18 Dec 2020 12:00:00 GMT

Windows: Installers and launchers are now signed with an EV code signing certificate. SmartScreen no longer complains that the application is unrecognized when starting the installer.

macOS Big Sur: Fixed various issues to improve compatibility with macOS Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur: Made all dialog boxes non-resizable to avoid a Java compatibility issue with macOS Big Sur that caused dialog boxes to be maximized and grouped as tabs together with the main application window. This could eventually lead to an application hang.

macOS Big Sur/Project: Fixed an issue where "Remove from Disk" actions had no effect (did not move to trash or delete the file) on macOS Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur/UI: Fixed a color contrast issue where the text on the tabs inside various dialog boxes was not visible.

Eclipse plugin: Fixed an SWTException error that happened after entering the application license.

Eclipse/Attributes view: Fixed an issue where pressing the Delete key to remove an attribute removed a different attribute than the one selected.

Component Update: Updated the bundled Java Native Access (JNA) libraries to version 5.6.0 to improve compatibility with macOS Big Sur.

WebHelp Responsive: Sanitized the search input field to avoid HTML injection.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed logger configuration to avoid the creation of oxygen.log file when running PDF transformations.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an issue where transformation failed when inline or block elements were present in a table caption.

Build ID: 2020100710

Wed, 9 Oct 2020 08:00:00 GMT

Validation: Fixed an issue where the validation status message sometimes kept blinking in the status bar of the application.

XQuery Documentation: Fixed an issue where generation of the XQuery documentation did not work anymore.

DITA-OT Publishing: Running Oxygen with Java 14, when a DITA OT transformation started and the transformation parameter "" was enabled, the transformation failed with a HeadlessException error.

DITA Maps Manager: Fixed a performance issue where opening DITA maps that contain many key definitions in the Author mode took a very long time.

Eclipse plugin/DITA Maps Manager: Fixed an issue where keys were not resolved when the current map was set as the root map.

WebHelp Responsive with Feedback/WebHelp Classic with Feedback: Fixed and issue where the comments were not displayed correctly.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an issue where tables with a caption were not rendered when located in a list item or another table.

Build ID: 2020072902

Mon, 3 Aug 2020 12:00:00 GMT

Open/Find Resource: Fixed an issue where Oxygen's text search support didn't index all the files from the current project.

XSL/Validation: Fixed an issue where XSL validation did not display compilation problems and was always successful when a Saxon-EE configuration file was used.

XSLT/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where the content completion for accumulators broke the XPath content completion inside XSLT files and automatically inserted the only available accumulator each time the ' character was inserted.

XQuery: Fixed an error that appeared when the "Format and Indent" action was used on an XQuery document that contained maps.

Relax NG-based vocabularies/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where the content completion proposals list of allowed entries was not presented in some cases (for example for RDF).

DITA Maps Manager/Drag and drop: Fixed an issue where URLs dragged from the Google Chrome web browser could not be dropped to various side views of Oxygen (such as the DITA Maps Manager view).

Author/CSS: Fixed an issue where a CSS parse error was sometimes encountered in the results list when an attribute value was modified if there was also an "-oxy-style" CSS property set on the element.

Author: Fixed an issue where Ctrl+Click didn't work to open references that were located in table cells.

Author API: Fixed a backward compatibility issue where the old constructor of the ro.sync.ecss.css.URIContent class was removed instead of being deprecated, which possibly affected plugins that may have used it.

macOS/DITA-OT/ANT: Fixed an issue that sometimes made the application freeze after running DITA-OT or Ant transformations.

Eclipse plugin/DITA Maps Manager: Fixed an issue where the contextual menu for a "*.bookmap" file presented in the Project Explorer view no longer showed the option to open it in the DITA Maps Manager view.

Eclipse plugin/Diff: Fixed an issue where the application became unresponsive when comparing two files.

Eclipse/Content Completion: Fixed an issue where three double-quotes were added when automatically inserting the quotes for an attribute value.

Eclipse plugin/Security: Fixed an issue where sometimes various Eclipse 4.16 features failed because of Oxygen's security mechanism being too restrictive.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where keywords and index terms were not generated for DITA topics that declared such information.

DITA-OT PDF-CSS-HTML5 Plugin: It is now possible to set specific transformation parameters directly from a template file.

Publishing Engine: Fixed an issue where the CSS customization was not used when too many keywords were present in a document.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an accessibility issue that prevented the Adobe Acrobat Reader's Read Out Loud feature to read the PDF text.

Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Fixed an issue where various special characters in a MathML equation were not rendered properly. Now the default serif font can be changed to properly display special characters.

Build ID: 2020061102

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 12:00:00 GMT

Content Completion/XML: Fixed an issue where the content completion was not working as expected when triggered at the end of the name of an attribute.

Transformation Scenarios/WebHelp Responsive: Corrected the default value of the "args.copy.css" parameter presented in the dialog box for the DITA Map WebHelp Responsive transformation.

Author mode/LESS: Fixed an issue where the styles defined in an "oxy_label()" CSS function (contained by a LESS style sheet that is associated with the edited XML document) were not properly evaluated and this was also extremely CPU intensive.

Syntax Highlight/XQuery: Improved the recognition of functions referenced inside an XQuery map.

Editor variabiles: Fixed an issue where a complex XPath expression used in the ${xpath_eval()} editor variable broke the variable parsing.

Saxon: Fixed an issue where fn:collection() returned xs:base64Binary instead of node().

eXist-db support: Fixed an issue where resources from eXist-db 5.2.0 databases could no longer be opened/edited.

Preferences: Fixed various fatal errors that were reported when the application was started or documents were opened. These errors were caused by setting a reference to a directory (in the XML Refactoring preferences page) that did not have the necessary read-access rights.

Linux & macOS/Offline Help: Fixed an issue where showing the offline help sometimes triggered an invalid security prompt to allow access to an external web site.

DITA/API: Fixed an API issue that sometimes caused older DITA frameworks to throw an AbstractMethodError.

WebHelp Responsive/WebHelp Classic: Updated the jQuery library to version 3.5.1.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed an issue where comments could not be located in the Feedback Comments Manager view for DITA Task or Concept topic types that have the chunk="to-content" attribute set in the DITA map.

Publishing Engine plugin: Fixed an issue where publishing failed when the fix.external.refs DITA-OT transformation parameter was set.

DITA Publishing to PDF Plugin: Fixed an issue where the parameter had no effect when set to no.

Chemistry: Fixed a crash when using overflow wrap on an inline containing just an image.

Chemistry: An underscore at the end of a word was considered as hyphenation point and triggered an extra hyphen when not needed.

Chemistry: Fixed an issue where the empty lines from preformatted text were removed. Now, they are preserved in the output.

Chemistry: Fixed an issue where the table margins were ignored in some cases. Now, they are correctly applied.

Eclipse plugin/Validation Scenarios: Fixed a NullPointerException error that happened while configuring an XML document validation scenario to use certain types of schemas.

Eclipse plugin: Fixed an issue where Oxygen actions were presented in the contextual menu of the Navigator view (and others) even if the plugin was not yet initialized.

Eclipse plugin/Security: Fixed an issue where sometimes various Eclipse 4.15 features failed because of Oxygen's security mechanism being too restrictive.

Oxygen XML Developer/Eclipse plugin: Fixed an issue where the JSON preferences page was presented on the first level instead of being placed as a sub-page of Oxygen XML Developer.