CVE-2020-13936 - Remote Code Execution (RCE)

Severity: Low2021-04-12


An attacker that is able to modify Velocity templates may execute arbitrary Java code or run arbitrary system commands with the same privileges as the account running the Servlet container. This applies to applications that allow untrusted users to upload/modify velocity templates running Apache Velocity Engine versions up to 2.2.

Apache Velocity is vulnerable to Code Injection. The checkObjectExecutePermission method in SecureIntrospectorImpl.class fails to deny access to java.lang.ClassLoader methods. An attacker with template modification abilities can exploit this to execute arbitrary code using a maliciously crafted template when Velocity templates are used in the context of a VelocityView.

The Oxygen product incorporates Velocity as a third-party library. This advisory was opened to address the potential impact of this third-party library vulnerability.

Affected Products/Versions

ProductSeverityFixed Release Availability
Oxygen XML Editor 23.1 and older versionsLowOxygen XML Editor 23.1 build 2021040908
Oxygen XML Developer 23.1 and older versionsLowOxygen XML Developer 23.1 build 2021040908
Oxygen XML Author 23.1 and older versionsLowOxygen XML Author 23.1 build 2021040908





Severity: High

CVSS Score: 8.8

The Velocity third-party library used by Oxygen XML software products is an affected version mentioned in CVE-2020-13936 vulnerability description.

Starting with Oxygen version 23.1 build 2021040908, the Velocity third-party was removed, which fixes the CVE-2021-25329.