Build Notes for Version 21.0 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer

Build ID: 2019040204

Tue, 02 Apr 2019 12:00:00 GMT

Text mode: Fixed a text selection issue that happened when clicking inside text following a sequence of Tab characters.

Text/Accessibility: Fixed an issue that prevented screen readers from properly reading quick fix entries available in the menu presented when pressing Alt+1 in the Text editor.

HiDPI/Retina: Fixed icon scaling issues on HiDPI/Retina displays. SVN Client was especially affected.

New File: Fixed an issue where searching a template from the "Global templates" section using the filter of the "New" dialog did not work.

New File: Fixed an issue where the "Use the file name as the value of the root ID attribute" option from the "DITA > New topics" preferences page also applied for non-DITA documents created from the "Data Source Explorer" and "Project" side views.

Validation Scenarios: Fixed an issue that when applying two validation scenarios (each one with validation units pointing to the same Schematron schema but with different default phases), only the first validation unit was applied.

Validation Scenarios: The "Schematron phase" combo box is now properly reset when selecting a schema while creating a validation unit in a validation scenario.

Diff Files: Ctrl+W (Command+W on Mac) shortcut closes the Compare Files/Diff Files window instead of the active editor.

Author/DITA: Fixed an issue that when editing a DITA map with topicref key references, the resolved title sometimes appeared multiple times.

Author/DITA: Paragraphs are no longer automatically inserted when typing in a DITA task "prereq" element.

Author/DITA/Reuse Content: Fixed element filtering issues in the Reuse Content dialog box.

DITA Maps/Key resolving: Fixed an issue where oXygen was not able to resolve keys with keywords that were defined inside "metadata" elements.

DITA Maps Manager: Increased speed when opening DITA Maps with lots of key references.

DITA to PDF: References to non-DITA resources become valid links in the classic PDF (based on XSL-FO) output.

DITA to PDF: Properly create links in the PDF output to videos referenced in the DITA content.

DITA-OT Publishing: Fixed PDF publishing issues for DITA content that includes SVG images using DITA-OT versions older than 2.5.4.

DITA-OT Publishing/CHM: Added a fix that properly preserves complex non-ASCII characters in the CHM output.

DITA-OT PDF Review: Removed extra warnings reported in the DITA-OT Problems view when generating PDF output while enabling the "show.changes.and.comments" parameter.

DITA-OT: Integrated publishing engine patch that fixes problems resolving relative locations when using key references to non-DITA resources.

Transformation Scenarios/DITA Map WebHelp Responsive: Now the Feedback HTML fragment is reset each time a new transformation scenario is created based on the built-in one, instead of reusing the last input fragment.

WebHelp Responsive: Full license validation error messages are now shown in the console output.

WebHelp Responsive: Fixed issue that prevented custom CSS file to be copied when "args.copycss" parameter is set to "yes".

WebHelp Responsive: A search is no longer performed if there are no search terms or characters other than whitespaces.

Add-ons: Fixed NullPointerException error that happened while trying to update the bundled "Oxygen Content Fusion Connector" plugin.

Bundled Add-ons: Updated the bundled "Oxygen Content Fusion Connector" to 1.0.6 which is now compatible with SDL Tridion Docs (tested with version 13 SP2).

Eclipse Plug-in: Fixed an issue that prevented the Oxygen XML plugin for Eclipse from working on Eclipse 3.x versions.

Eclipse/DITA Maps Manager: Performance improvements for various DITA map operations when processing keys imposed through API.

macOS/Java 11: Fixed an issue where double-clicking files of a type associated with the app started the app but did not open the files.

DITA-OT PDF CSS Plugin: Abbreviated forms from the topic short descriptions were not showing the surface form.

Build ID: 2019022207

Wed, 22 February 2019 15:30:00 GMT

Build ID: 2019022209

Wed, 22 February 2019 15:30:00 GMT