What's New in Oxygen XML Webhelp 20.1

Related Versions: 20.020.1

June 15, 2018

Version 20.1 of the Oxygen XML WebHelp is the latest release for the modern web publishing system. This release makes the generated WebHelp output compliant with the Section 508 accessibility standard, making it accessible for people with disabilities, and the Oxygen Publishing Templates package can now contain both PDF and WebHelp Responsive customizations allowing you to reuse styles and share both customizations as a single template.

DITA to Responsive WebHelp

Accessibility Support

Oxygen XML WebHelp Responsive is compliant with the Section 508 accessibility standard, making the output accessible for people with disabilities. All the WebHelp Responsive components (such as the menu or table of contents) are designed to comply with the accessibility rules. The Oxygen user's manual contains some writing guidelines to help with creating accessible documentation.


WebHelp now uses XSLT stylesheets from the DITA-OT HTML5 plugin to generate output instead of the XHTML plugin.

WebHelp Responsive Macros

WebHelp Responsive now supports macros that allow you to insert variable text inside the output pages. More specifically, what you can add includes: localized content, system properties, environment variables, timestamps, and XPath expressions executed over the current DITA map or topic.

Contribute JavaScript AMD Modules in the Output

WebHelp Responsive now provides the ability to contribute custom JavaScript Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) resources in the output. This can be achieved by referencing it in the Publishing Template descriptor file. By using this approach, when you want to customize the output you are no longer required to alter WebHelp's core JavaScript libraries.