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What's New in Oxygen XML Webhelp 19.0

Related Versions: 19.019.1

April 5, 2017

Oxygen XML WebHelp version 19.0 is the latest release for the modern web publishing system. This release includes a variety of new features and improvements to help make your WebHelp output even more responsive and intuitive for your audience. For this version, we focused much of our efforts on improving the search mechanism to not only make it easier for your audience to use the feature, but also to find the content they need faster and more accurately.


Search Auto-Completion

Keywords and documentation titles are displayed while you are typing in the search field in WebHelp output. This improvements helps you to construct better search queries.
Search Auto-Completion

Phrase Search Support

The WebHelp search engine was improved by adding the ability to do phrase searches. By entering a phrase inside quotes, you can search for documents that contain that exact phrase, rather than single keywords.

Improved Sorting for Search Results

The WebHelp search engine was improved so that the most relevant results are presented at the beginning.

Show Missing Terms for Search Results

When you search for multiple terms, some of them may not appear in some of the results. The WebHelp search results now display the terms that were not found in that particular document next to each result.

Search Results Pagination

The results presented after a search action are now divided and presented in multiple pages.

Moved from WebHelp Mobile to WebHelp Responsive

The WebHelp Mobile publishing output for DITA and DocBook has been deprecated because of the better alternative provided by the new WebHelp Responsive system, designed for flexibility and modern features.