XML Schema

oXygen offers powerful tools which allow you to design, develop, and edit XML Schemas: Text editing mode packed-full with helpers, intuitive and expressive visual schema designer mode, XML Instance Generator, and an XML Schema Documentation tool to output high quality documentation.
  • XML Schema (XSD) Editor
    oXygen XML Schema Editor offers powerful content completion support, a quick assist tool that is always ready to provide a helping hint, Components Presenter view, and multiple refactoring actions.
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  • Visual XML Schema Diagram Editor
    XML Schemas enable document designers to specify the allowed structure and content of an XML document. oXygen provides a powerful and expressive Schema Diagram mode for editing XML Schemas.
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  • XML Schema 1.1 Support
    oXygen enhances its XML Schema features to include XSD 1.1 capabilities. The full 1.1 specification is implemented so you can edit and validate 1.1 schemas both in the Text and Design modes.
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  • XML Instance Generator
    oXygen XML instance generator can quickly generate a large set of XML document samples based on a given XML Schema, version 1.0 or 1.1.
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  • XML Schema Documentation
    The oXygen XML Schema documentation tool allows you to easily generate full documentation for the XML Schema content models, including comprehensive diagrams, annotations, and cross references.
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