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Oxygen XML Developer 17.1

October 20, 2015

Oxygen XML Developer version 17.1 includes updates and improvements to make your XML developing experience even more productive and effective. The performance of many of the integral components has been optimized and numerous features were enhanced and fine-tuned to make Oxygen XML Developer even more powerful, dynamic, and easy to use. It also features a spectacular new visual design that makes everything look crisp and beautiful.

Oxygen XML Developer extends support for resolving errors and managing the structure of your documents through powerful actions. Support for XML Quick Fixes was expanded and their performance improved, while XML Refactoring actions were enhanced to make them more accessible and powerful.

Schematron schemas now provide support for XSLT 3.0 and you can now validate an XML document with an NVDL schema that contains an XML Schema 1.1 validation step.

There are changes in:

User Interface

New Color Themes and User-defined Themes

New Light and Ultramarine color themes have been added in addition to the existing Classic and Graphite ones. Light is now the default theme for Windows and you can select the desired theme from the Theme drop-down menu found in the Appearance preferences page. You can also use the themes as a starting point for setting your own preferred colors and define your own color themes that you can share with your colleagues.
New Color Themes

Breadcrumb Navigation in Text Mode

A breadcrumb navigation bar is now available at the top of the Text editing mode that presents the hierarchy of elements (from the document root to the currently selected element). It can be used as a helpful tool to navigate to specific ancestor elements and also to understand your location in the document structure.
Breadcrumb in Text Mode

XML Quick Fixes

Quick Fixes Presented in a Tooltip Window

Proposals for quick fixes to solve validation errors or warnings are now displayed in a tooltip popup window. When hovering over an error or warning, if a quick fix is available for that particular problem, the proposals are presented in a tooltip, along with more details about the error, and you can easily select an available quick fix from this tooltip window. In Author mode, an in-place quick fix drop-down menu is also displayed when hovering over an error or warning. The drop-down menu presents a list of available quick fixes to select from.
Quick Fixes Presented in a Tooltip Window

XML Refactoring

XML Refactoring Actions Available in the Contextual Menu

The XML Refactoring actions were added in the contextual menu to make them more accessible. Furthermore, they are invoked according to the current context within the editor, making them easier to use. For instance, if you invoke the Rename Element action, the name of the element is pre-configured in the dialog box that appears.
XML Refactoring


Support for XPath/XSLT 3.0 in Schematron Schemas

Schematron schemas now provide support for XSLT 3.0. You can define the version directly in the Schematron document using the queryBinding attribute or by using an option in the Schematron preferences page.

Support for XML Schema 1.1 Validation from within NVDL Scripts

You can now validate an XML document with an NVDL schema that contains an XML Schema 1.1 validation step. To enable XML Schema 1.1 validation in NVDL, you need to pass some validation options to the validation engine..


A detailed list of all changes to the Java API can be found here.



Updated XSLT 3.0 Content Completion

The RNG schema that is used for content completion when editing XSLT 3.0 documents was updated to include the latest changes.

Component Updates

Oxygen updates many of its third party components: Calabash 1.1.5, DITA OT 2.1.2, EpubCheck 4.0, LESS 1.7.5, Saxon, TEI Schema 2.8.0, TEI XSL 7.39.