• 2007

    Version 9.0 - November 2, 2007
    Version 9.1 - December 18, 2007
    Version 9.2 - May 9, 2008
    Version 9.3 - July 2, 2008
  • 2008

    Version 10.0 - October 23, 2008
    Version 10.1 - February 25, 2009
    Version 10.2 - April 15, 2009
    Version 10.3 - June 29, 2009
  • 2009

    Version 11.0 - October 9, 2009
    Version 11.1 - December 17, 2009
    Version 11.2 - March 16, 2010
  • 2010

    Version 12.0 - September 14, 2010
    Version 12.1 - January 12, 2011
    Version 12.2 - May 19, 2011
  • 2011

    Version 13.0 - August 29, 2011
    Version 13.1 - October 26, 2011
    Version 13.2 - January 12, 2012
  • 2012

    Version 14.0 - June 27, 2012
    Version 14.1 - October 19, 2012
    Version 14.2 - February 13, 2013
  • 2013

    Version 15.0 - June 7, 2013
    Version 15.1 - October 7, 2013
    Version 15.2 - January 22, 2014
  • 2014

    Version 16.0 - May 20, 2014
    Version 16.1 - October 7, 2014
  • 2015

    Version 17.0 - May 5, 2015
    Version 17.1 - October 20, 2015
  • 2016

    Version 18.0 - April 21, 2016
    Version 18.1 - October 18, 2016
  • 2017

    Version 19 - April 5, 2017

Oxygen XML Author 11

Related Versions:

October 9, 2009

XSLT and XQuery

Documentation for XSLT Stylesheets   [read more...]

The Oxygen XSLT Documentation tool allows you to generate full documentation for the XSLT stylesheet components in XHTML format, including comprehensive annotations and cross references.

User-supplied descriptions can be specified either in the form of XML comments or in a simple language, for which Oxygen provides easy editing support through special actions for inserting documentation and through content completion assistance. Support for user-defined documentation languages can be added by updating the conversion to XHTML to support those languages.

XQuery Debugger for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML Database   [read more...]

The debugging interface of Oracle Berkeley DB XML 2.5 database has been integrated with the Oxygen XQuery Debugger and Profiler. All the debugging and profiling views (Stack, Trace, Conditional Breakpoints, Breakpoints, Hotspots, Invocation Tree, etc.) are available.


XProc Support

The XProc support includes editing, validation and execution through reusable XProc scenarios. Besides editing in source mode, you can edit XProc scripts in the Author mode, rendered with a nice visual representation. Oxygen XML Editor bundles Calabash as built-in engine but other external XProc processors can be easily configured.

Open API for Integrating XProc Engines

Oxygen XML Editor provides an open API to closely integrate an XProc engine, both for XProc transformations and for validation support. The built-in Calabash processor is integrated using this API.

Performance Improvements

Extended Large Documents Editing Support

Large XML documents can be opened for editing. For example, a 200MB document can be opened in Oxygen XML Editor using 512MB of memory (note that these figures depend on the complexity of the markup). Oxygen XML Editor will detect large documents and automatically turn off or change the implementation for some editor functions, to reduce the memory usage.

Extended Large Documents Viewing Support (up to 10 GB)

The large file viewer can open files up to 10 GB in read-only mode.

XML Author (Visual Editing) Mode

Improved Author Editing Experience for Non-Technical Users

The Author mode has location tooltips and current element highlights that help the user to identify the position in the edited document. By default it turns on a more constrained editing mode that, for instance, avoids inserting text in the elements that do not allow text nodes or inserting elements not allowed by the schema.

Track Changes Annotations

When editing with track changes on, it is possible to annotate each change with comments.

Support for Embedded SVG Images

Embedded SVG images are now rendered in the XML Author mode.

Allow Multiple Toolbars with Custom Actions

You can define up to four toolbars containing custom actions at document type level.

API for Text Highlights Management

Developers can programmatically highlight or find highlighted text regions from the Author mode.

DITA Support

Integrated DITA OT 1.5

Oxygen XML Editor includes version 1.5 (M19) of DITA OT which supports the DITA 1.2 specification.

DITA 1.2 Support

Some of the DITA 1.2 features are supported. These include insertion and visualisation in the Author mode of conref ranges and conkeyrefs, insertion and navigation for keyrefs in the context of the current DITA map.

DITA Map-Aware Find and Replace

The find and replace operation can scan recursively all the files referenced by a DITA map that is opened in the DITA Maps Manager view. The action is available in contextual menu of the DITA Map Manager View.

DITA Map-Aware Spell Checker

The spell checker can scan recursively all the files referenced by a DITA map that is opened in the DITA Maps Manager view. The action is available in contextual menu of the DITA Map Manager view.


Render and Visually Edit MathML in the Author Mode

MathML equations are rendered in the Author mode. The equations can be edited with the Oxygen built-in MathML editor or with the more complex and powerful MathFlow editor from Design Science. To use the later one, you must have a licensed installation of the MathFlow SDK.

MathML Support in DocBook   [read more...]

There are templates available for creating DocBook documents with MathML support. The MathML equations included in DocBook documents are rendered in the PDF and XHTML output of the DocBook transformations.

SVN Client

User Interface Improvements

The menus and toolbars were improved. Some actions were added or removed in the menu bar and in the views (Working Copy, Synchronize, Repository, History) so that the most used actions can be accessed faster.

Specify Working Copy Format at Checkout

Sometimes a working copy is used with multiple SVN application that may not support the latest working copy format. For compatibility with such applications the working copy format can be specified at checkout: SVN 1.4, SVN 1.5 or SVN 1.6.

Upgrade and Downgrade Working Copy Format

If the user does not want to upgrade the working copy format to the latest format he can do that later with the Upgrade action. A downgrade action is available for users who need compatibility with applications that do not support the latest working copy format.

Other Features

WebDAV Sources Available in Data Source Explorer View

The files and folders available in a WebDAV source can be browsed and opened using the Data Source Explorer view.

More Flexible Transformation and Validation Scenarios

There is no dependency between the current edited file and the scenarios available for transformation or validation, thus users can apply any transformation or validation scenario on any file. Moreover, the Project view allows to associate scenarios on a folder or on the selected files.

Validation Scenarios Can Specify a Schema

Besides the validation engine, you can specify also the schema (XML Schema, Relax NG, DTD, NVDL, NRL, Schematron) that should be used from an XML validation scenario.

Spell Checking on a Set of Files

Spell checking can be applied on multiple files and folders from the Project view.

Digital Signature Without Key Info

An XML document can be signed without including the key info in the signed document. The signature of an XML document that does not include key info can be verified.

Resolve XML Schema Location Based on Namespace

The location of an XML Schema imported in other schema can be resolved using an XML catalog based only on the schema namespace when the schema location is not specified.

Automatic/Easy Setup for Antenna House Formatter

An installation of the Antenna House FOP v4 or v5 can be automatically detected or easily configured for performing FO to PDF transformations and for DITA map transformations executed with DITA OT.

Component Updates

Update oNVDL to Jing-Trang

The NVDL implementation from oNVDL was moved to jing-trang and Oxygen XML Editor was updated to use the latest jing-trang version 20090818.

Updated Saxon Transformer to Version 9.2

Saxon 9 SA was updated to the latest version Saxon 9.2 Enterprise Edition. Oxygen XML Editor supports also Saxon 9.2 Professional Edition and Home Edition.

Updated TEI schemas to Version 1.4.1

The latest version of TEI schemas were added.

Updated DocBook XSL Stylesheets to Version 1.75.2

The latest version of DocBook XSL stylesheets were added.