XML Databases

Oxygen XML Editor can perform XQuery/XPath queries against a database through a connection to the database server. A dedicated collection of database exploring views are grouped together in a database perspective layout.

The following two demonstrations display the integration between Oxygen XML Author and Databases:

  • Database Perspective
    Using the Database perspective, you can browse tables or collections from databases, execute XQuery or SQL queries, inspect or modify data, and specify XML Schemas for the XML fields and collections.
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  • IBM DB2 XML Support
    The support for IBM DB2 Pure XML database includes: multiple server connections, resource management, XML Schema registration, XQuery and SQL execution, and table data editing.
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  • eXist Support
    The support for eXist database includes multiple server connections, XQuery execution, resource management, and editing.
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  • MarkLogic Support
    The support for MarkLogic XML database includes multiple server connections, XQuery execution and debugging, resource management, and editing through WebDAV.
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  • Oracle Berkeley DB XML support
    The support for Oracle Berkeley DB XML database includes resource management and editing, XQuery execution, and debugging/profiling.
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  • Other Supported Databases
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