Oxygen 11.2 SDK

Authoring SDK

In order to develop a framework (an Author document type) with custom Author actions and extensions for the Author Visual mode of Oxygen XML Editor you will need the Author SDK. This is a zip archive that contains the Author API as Javadoc documentation and the source code (as sample code) of all the actions that are present in the default document types of Oxygen (DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML). The Author SDK can also be deployed between multiple Oxygen XML Author installations.

The Javadoc of the Author API is also available online and as a zip archive.

Plugins for Oxygen Standalone

In order to develop plugins for the Oxygen standalone distribution you will need the following files:

  • OxygenPluginsDevelopmentKit.zip - contains the Javadoc API of the plugins support in the Oxygen standalone distribution and sample plugins (source code and compiled code).

The sample plugins are also available in compiled form.

ConversionConfigurable conversion plugin. Includes a sample configuration mapping between the metric system and U.S. system.
Capitalize linesThis plugin capitalizes the first letter found on every new line that is selected. Only the first letter is affected, the rest of the line remains the same. If the first character on the new line is not a letter then no changes are made.
Form SentencesThis plugin capitalizes the first letter of every sentence in the selected text from the document.
Form WordsThis plugin capitalizes the first letter in every word in the selected text from the document. Only the first letter is affected, the rest of the word remains unchanged. If the first character in the word is not a letter then this plugin has no effect.
Lower CaseThis plugin converts every character in the selected text to lowercase.
Upper CaseThis plugin converts every letter in the selected text to uppercase.
Startup This plugin allow customization of the menus, toolbars, and other user-interface components.
XML CommentThis plugin encloses the selected text in the document in an XML comment block.
Custom ProtocolThis plugin provides a Java URL stream handler for a custom protocol able to handle URLs of the form: cproto://path/to/file.ext where cproto is the protocol handled by the plugin.
Zero IndentThis plugin removes the whitespaces at the beginning of the selected lines.
Format PreserveA special case of format and indent, of the selected XML content, that formats by breaking only in element tags and never in text nodes.
Workspace AccessThis plugin provides support for customizing the content of the menus, toolbars, and views of the application, and for opening and closing documents. You can manage and perform different operations on all the opened editors.
Open RedirectThis plugin is useful for opening multiple files with only one open action. For example, when a zip archive, an ODF file, or an OOXML file is opened in the Archive Browser view the plugin can also decide to open a file from the archive in a new XML editor panel. This file can be the document.xml main file from an OOXML file archive.