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What's New in Oxygen XML Web Author 19.0.0

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April 5, 2017

Oxygen XML Web Author version 19 is the latest release for the innovative web-based authoring tool. Its powerful technology and adaptive interface allows you to review, contribute, and edit content from anywhere you have access to a browser, on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. It includes a variety of new features and improvements to make your authoring, collaborating, and reviewing experience more efficient, accurate, and productive than ever before.

oXygen XML Web Author

Find/Replace Mechanism Improved

The search mechanism now features a dialog box that provides more intuitive search functions and includes several new options to help you find and replace content.

New Validation View

A new Validation side view has been added that provides details about any detected problems in the current document and it is synchronized with the editing pane. Each problem may contain fixes you can select to solve that issue.

Proposals to Help You Resolve Errors

A Quick Fix mechanism was added to Web Author that offers proposals to automatically fix validation problems in your documents. The fixes are presented in a tooltip in the main editing pane and also in the Validation side view.

Autosave Feature for SharePoint

The SharePoint plugin now includes support for autosave and a new configuration parameter was added that specifies the auto-saving interval.

REST-based CMS Connection Plugin

We now have a REST-based plugin on GitHub that allows you to implement REST-endpoints for content handling, providing a simple way to connect to a CMS or any repository.

Support for German, Dutch, Japanese, and French Languages

There is a new Language icon in the top-right corner of the Dashboard that you can use to change the interface language. English, German, Dutch, Japanese, and French are available.

Change Tracking Displays Attribute Changes

When Change Tracking is enabled, any changes to attributes are displayed in the Review panel.

Folding Support

Parts of documents can now be folded (collapsed) to make it easier to work with large documents.

Tab Key Jumps to the Next Element

You can now use the Tab key to jump to the next element.

Improved Validation when Uploading Plugins or Frameworks

When a plugin or framework is uploaded, Web Author now checks to make sure it contains the proper extension descriptor file (plugin.xml or *.framework) before copying it to the extensions folder. Also, the Administration Page now displays plugins or frameworks that could not be loaded.

Java Virtual Machine 1.8

On the server side, Web Author now requires Java Virtual Machine 1.8.

API: Reload Content from CMS

The ReloadContentOperation API was added that allows you to reload editor content from the CMS.

API: Autosave Feature

A new API was added that allows you to implement autosave.

Acrolinx Integration

Acrolinx provides an Oxygen XML Web Author plugin that allows integration with the Acrolinx server that analyzes your content and offers suggestions for improving it.