TEI Features

Oxygen XML Web Author comes with built-in support for the most popular XML documentation frameworks, including TEI. The built-in TEI framework includes support for the latest version of P5.

When reviewing and editing TEI documents in Oxygen XML Web Author, a variety of features are available that were designed specifically for TEI document types.


Oxygen XML Web Author includes a variety of toolbar and contextual menu actions that are specifically for TEI documents. They make it very easy to insert and work with TEI markup.

TEI Toolbar

New Document Templates

Oxygen XML Web Author includes a variety of new document templates that make it easy to create various types of TEI documents with some of the document structure already present.

TEI Templates


Oxygen XML Web Author automatically validates TEI documents as you type and presents warning messages in the Validation panel on the right side of the screen. Many of the TEI validation issues that are detected also include Quick Fix proposals to help you solve the problems.

TEI Validation

Content Completion

Oxygen XML Web Author includes an inline content completion assistant to help you insert and manage TEI markup without having to take your fingers off the keyboard. By default, it appears when you press the Enter key and it offers proposals that are valid at the current location within the TEI document with the most logical choices listed first. Most proposals also include a link to a TEI site that offers more information about the element.

TEI Content Completion

Full Width Rendering Mode

Oxygen XML Web Author has an option to render TEI documents in a full width mode to maximize the screen space used by the document.

TEI CSS Styles