Oxygen XML Web Author On-Premise

The Web Author online demo provides a quick way to experience the functionality of Oxygen XML Web Author, it is intended for evaluation purposes only, and it should not be used in a production environment. Web Author can be installed on-premise for production use and this offers a variety of additional features:

  • Custom frameworks (document types) can be reused interchangeably between Oxygen XML Editor/Author and Web Author.
  • Plugins can be installed and configured.
  • Configurable File Server Connector plugins are available to allow access to various types of file storage services (GitHub, WebDAV, Perforce Helix, SharePoint Online, and more).
  • Full control over your installation settings.
  • Server resources can be scaled based on various requirements.
  • Business rules can be imposed through Schematron validation and quick fixes.
  • Countless possibilities for customizing various aspects of the application, including the ability to configure options, set system properties, and adjust features such as adding custom spell checking dictionaries or term lists.

Installing the Web Author on-premise is a quick and easy process, just download a suitable installer, run it, and follow the on-screen instructions. When the installer finishes, you are directed to a configuration page where you can request a 60-day trial license or use an existing purchased license key.

Moving Web Author to production is as easy as replacing the trial license with the purchased production license key.

Download Web Author