Build History of Oxygen XML Web Author Releases

Build ID: 2021041612

Thu, 22 April 2021 10:00:00 GMT

Web Author PDF Plugin:

  • Fixed an issue where the editor was blocked after the Print PDF action was invoked via its corresponding shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue where the Export as PDF and Print actions led to corrupted PDF files.

Web Author:

  • Fixed an issue where the logging configuration was ignored on WebSphere Liberty.


  • Fixed an issue where the WebappEditingSessionLifecycleListener extension was not invoked when another extension threw a runtime exception.

Monitoring Plugin:

  • Fixed a WebSphere compatibility issue.

Concurrent Editing:

  • Fixed an issue where users could not join a concurrent editing session because of invalid tracked changes or comments that did not properly fit in the document structure.

Shared Editing Session:

  • Fixed various issues where an undo operation failed, or collaborators could not join an editing room, usually after the user that initiated the shared editing session performed a delete operation that did not result in content changes before other users joined that shared editing session.


  • Fixed a NullPointerException error that could occur if a document remained open while the Content Fusion server was upgraded to version 4.0.


  • Fixed an issue where the license was kept indefinitely when a user was idle, for certain file servers that require a keep-alive request for locking. Among the built-in connectors, the problem appeared only for WebDAV connections.