Build History of Oxygen XML Web Author Releases

Build ID: 2020090310

Mon, 7 September 2020 10:00:00 GMT

Added a new option force.cookies.samesite.none: that allows users to host a Web Author server inside an iframe even when it is on a domain different from the parent page. This option was added as a result of the new default cookie policy in browsers that sets the SameSite attribute of cookies to Lax.

Component update: Updated the Apache Shiro library to version 1.5.3.

Editor: Fixed an issue where the auto-save feature stopped working if a save was performed while the auto-save process was running.

DITA map / Toolbars: Fixed a rendering issue in the Display mode toolbar drop-down menu (used to switch between the available DITA map display modes) when one of the entries was removed.