Oxygen XML Upgrade Policy


Syncro Soft provides outstanding maintenance of its software products that includes technical support and regular new releases. We crave to constantly improve, fix and enhance our products. About every year, we provide a new major version of our products. Several times a year, we provide minor version updates. Frequent updates are necessary because the XML technologies we support are constantly changing. In addition, we like to provide our customers with new features as they become available, rather than hold them for a major release that might not occur for a year or longer.

The purpose of this Policy document is to define the types of upgrades that are offered. Syncro Soft reserves the right to amend or change this Policy at its sole discretion at any time, and this Policy shall not be interpreted to create any contractual obligation by Syncro Soft to provide support to any specific customer, Authorized Syncro Soft Partner or other service provider.

Minor Version Upgrades

A product license is sold for a particular major version number. Incremental upgrades or emergency patches are available free of charge within that major version number. For example, if a license to Oxygen XML Editor 14.0 is purchased, upgrades with minor version numbers will be available at no extra charge. You can tell if an upgrade is a minor upgrade by looking at the version number. If the first part of the number hasn't changed, it's a minor upgrade - so if you have version 14 of a product, then versions 14.1, 14.2 would all be examples of minor version upgrades.


  • We always recommend that all customers run the latest available minor release for whatever major version is in use.

Major Version Upgrades

Upgrading to a new major version of a product will require an upgrade fee. A major version upgrade adds a significant number of new features. Major upgrades aren't released very often - typically once per year. You will not be forced to upgrade your product to a new major version - you can continue to use an old version if you wish, and you can continue to receive support for that product, according to the terms specified in End of Life Policy for that version. To identify if a new version is a major version, take a look at the first number before the dot. It that changes, it is a major version release. If the number after the dot changes, it is a minor version release.


  • If the product is licensed to you as an upgrade, then the latest upgrade that you download and install replaces the product previously licensed. You agree that the upgrade and the associated license key does not constitute the granting of a second license to the product (i.e., you may not use the upgrade in addition to the product it is replacing).

Upgrade Eligibility Period

Customers using an older version of the product may purchase an upgrade to the latest version at the upgrade price, as long as that version is eligible for upgrade. A product version is considered to be eligible for upgrade until it has reached the End of Support milestone according to End of Life Policy and 12 months after. Customers wishing to upgrade from a non eligible version to the latest version will need to purchase a new product license.


  • Protect your investment and get full software support by purchasing a yearly Software Maintenance Pack (SMP). If you maintain your support plan, you are eligible for major version upgrades at no additional cost. If you let your support lapse, you will need to purchase a full upgrade to the latest version and then you can begin support again.
  • Syncro Soft strongly recommends that all customers currently running products that reached End of Support milestone to upgrade to latest version as soon as possible in order to maintain the best possible protection from their investment.

Grace Period

If you have purchased the license within a 'grace period' (usually one month before the release of the new major version), Syncro Soft will gladly provide you with a free upgrade. Let us know your license key or order details and request a new registration key from support@oxygenxml.com. Note that in the case you got the license for free (either from Syncro Soft or from any third party) or you purchased the license as part of a bundle from some third-party organisation, the free upgrade under 'grace period' terms doesn't apply.

In any case feel free to email us if you want to check if you are eligible for a free upgrade and to get your discount coupon code for upgrading to the newest version.


Syncro Soft gives all customers the right to purchase latest version of product but install an earlier supported version of product. A prior version may be used by a properly licensed user in place of the current version of the product. The prior version is not an additional license of the product, it may be used only as a substitute for the current version.


Cross-Edition Upgrade

Cross-edition upgrade allows you to move from one edition of the product to another (for example, from Professional Edition to Enterprise Edition) and are possible only within the first year after the initial purchase of the license (upgraded licenses are not eligible).

The Academic Edition license is not eligible to cross-edition upgrades.

License Consolidations

Syncro Soft supports license consolidations, where you already have n license keys of the product: if you supply us with your n current licenses keys, we will send you an n-pack license key to replace all your individual licenses and to make easier your license management, at no charge. You will be required to sign a Declaration of License Destruction for old licenses before you receive the new consolidated license.

SMP consolidation - For example, if you have multiple Support and Maintenance Packs that expire at different dates, you can ask Syncro to consolidate all SMPs to expire on the same date, computed as a weighted average of the initial dates.