Support Life License Donations

We, the Oxygen XML team, want to make a difference. We plan to help any non-profit (including government) organizations that are active in any of the following domains:

  • Human aid
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife protection
  • Renewable energy sources

Additional requirements:

  • Recipient organizations must agree to post an Oxygen XML reference link on their official web site that is visible to the public. The details for the link will be provided when your application is approved and must be posted by your organization for at least 2 years.

If you intend to use Oxygen in your organization, complete the form below with a description of what your organization does to support life and we will be happy to offer you up to five Named User 1-year subscription-free licenses per year and a 50% discount for the additional licenses that you may need.

Registered Name of your Organizations*:
Organizations URL*:
Organizations Description*:
URL of official non-profit status*:
Address (Street, City, Zip Code, Country)*:
Evidence of your official non-profit status*:
Contact Person*: