Alliances Partners

The Alliance Partners establishes powerful relationships with leading business and technology organizations, comprised of Academic Partners, Community Partners and Industry Associations.

Academic Partners

Syncro Soft is committed to working with educators, schools, and universities to help students and teachers develop expertise in XML technologies to give them an edge in today's XML technology-driven world. Therefore, we have established the Academic Partner Program to offer licenses to universities and colleagues for teaching purposes. Only accredited and non-profit academic institutions are eligible.

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Community Partner

At Syncro Soft, we support Open Source projects by providing discounted licenses to use by developers who are working on Open Source projects, have a dedicated website and a community of supporters. From the beginning, Syncro Soft has been devoted to supporting the open source community by contribution with software projects derived from company core products. Check out the comprehensive list of open source projects we’re involved in below.

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Industry Associations

Industry associations are an important part of any business as they provide a sense of community–a wide range of professionals that can share ideas and experiences. Syncro Soft strategically partners with key industry associations to demonstrate our commitment to the XML industry's success.

Syncro Soft is a member in several software associations, including: Tekom, CIDM, W3C