What's New in Oxygen Feedback 1.2

May 19, 2020

Version 1.2 of Oxygen Feedback includes a new Dashboard page in the administration interface that aggregates information and statistics for all of your site configurations, a single level of replies for comments to simplify discussion threads, and an improved workflow allows you to mark threads as resolved.

The Feedback Comments Manager plugin for Oxygen XML Editor/Author received new filtering options and better support for locating comments back to the DITA or XML source files, allowing you to easily update the content source in response to user feedback, as well as allowing you to see and manage feedback directly in Oxygen XML Editor/Author.

There are changes in:


Dashboard Page

A new Dashboard page provides a more logical starting point in the administration interface. It aggregates basic information about all the existing site configurations, includes various statistics, and provides easier access to parts of the interface.
Dashboard Page

Sites Management

A Site pane was added to the Dashboard page. You can use this pane to visualize information about your site configurations (such as the number of comments in various states or the number of community members), navigate to your sites for management purposes, and you can even start the site creation process from this pane.
Sites Management

Activity Stream

An activity stream pane was added to the Dashboard page. It provides information about the most recent activity by your community or members of your team.
Activity Stream


Some statistics panes (Page Views and Comments) were added to the Dashboard page. They show information about the number of comments added or the number of page views detected for your site configurations, making it easy to analyze your community's usage data.


Resolve Comment Threads

After updating your documentation to address the user feedback, you can mark the comment thread as being Resolved directly on the documentation page or in the admin interface. The possible status values have been streamlined to simplify the process until comments reach the Resolved status.

Resolve Comment Threads from the Oxygen Feedback Plugin

The Oxygen Feedback Plugin provides access to comments directly within Oxygen XML Editor or Author allowing you to easily update the documentation in response to feedback comments. To simplify the workflow, you can mark the comment thread as being Resolved directly from the Feedback Comments Manager view. Also, you can choose to filter out resolved threads to focus on the unresolved ones.

See Resolved/Unresolved Threads in the Dashboard

The Site pane in the Dashboard displays the number of resolved and unresolved threads, giving you an overview of the status of comments for each particular site configuration.

Oxygen Feedback Plugin

Comment Filtering Options

Some filtering options were added in the Feedback Comments Manager view that can be used to filter the loaded comments by site, version, and status. This makes it easier for you to focus on particular comments (e.g. unresolved comments, or a particular version or site).
Comment Filtering Options

Better Localization of the DITA Topic Source

The localization of the source DITA topic was improved to support DITA-specific features such as branch filtering and chunking, comments will be correctly located back to the DITA source in the Feedback Comments Manager view.

Non-DITA File Types Supported in the Feedback Comments Manager

When the Current editor value is selected in the Feedback for option in the Feedback Comments Manager view, comments are retrieved from web pages matching the current file name if that has as file extension .dita , .xml, .html, or .md.

Comments Management

Filters for Sites and Usage Statistics

Filters were added in the Sites and Usage Statistics pages so that you can filter which sites you want displayed. You can choose to display all sites, the sites that you are assigned as the Owner, or sites that you are assigned as an Admin.
Filters for Sites and Usage Statistics

Commenting Component

Single Level of Replies

The Feedback commenting component was updated to only allow one level of replies. This change helps to simplify the communication between community members.