How to Install Oxygen Feedback on Your Website

The Oxygen Feedback comment system can be added at the bottom of each topic in your WebHelp Responsive documentation or added to any HTML-based website.


  • If you want to add Oxygen Feedback to Oxygen WebHelp output, you must have an installed version of Oxygen XML Editor or Oxygen XML Author with a valid license.
  • You need to Sign Up for a Feedback account.


  1. Log in to your Feedback account, and click the Add site button from the Sites page to create a Feedback site configuration.

  2. Enter a Name and Description for the site configuration. There are some optional settings (for example, you can add a logo or specify whether or not comments require moderation).

  3. Enter the Base URL for your website. You can also specify an Initial version if you want it to be something other than 1.0.

  4. Choose an installation option depending on the application you use to generate your website pages and follow the on-screen instructions.