Open-Source Software Projects Donations

Non-profit open-source projects with an established web site and a released product can apply for an open-source license program for Oxygen XML Editor.

Additional requirements:

  • Established website and released product
    • Active community (recent activity in newsgroups or forums)
    • Updated News section on website
    • Updated builds on a regular basis
  • Recipient organizations must agree to post an Oxygen XML reference link on their official web site that is visible to the public. The details for the link will be provided when your application is approved.
  • Recipients can only use licenses for the development of the specified open-source project and not for any other purposes.

To apply for the open-source license program, complete the form below and we will be happy to offer up to ten Named User 6-month subscription-free licenses each year for project leads or core contributors.

Project Name*:
Project URL*:
License Page of Project*:
Project forum/mailing list*:
Short description*:
Contact Person (must be the project owner/lead)*: