Syncro Soft Not for Resale (NFR) Program

Program Overview

The Syncro Soft Not-for-Resale Program is intended to support Syncro Soft Partners in their business development efforts by providing access to certain software (“NFR Software”) for customer demonstrations and training or internal testing.

The NFR Software have serial numbers which identify them as NFR and are not licensed for normal commercial distribution.

Eligible Partners

The following Partners types are eligible to apply for participation in the NFR Program:

  • Value Added Reseller Partners
  • Consulting/Training Partners
  • Other Syncro Soft Partners who are able to demonstrate a requisite level of investment (as determined by Syncro, in its sole discretion) in the Syncro Soft Products portfolio

In order to benefit of the NFR Program, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Partners must be approved and authorized Syncro Soft Partners, with a current signed contract and be compliant will all the NFR Program terms.
  • Partner's account must be in good standing with Syncro Soft accounts receivable.
  • Partner must have completed at least one sale (in case of VAR partners) prior to qualifying for the NFR program.

NFR Software Licenses

Free of Charge

Syncro Soft may provide a maximum of 5 licenses of NFR Software to Partners without charge. Such free NFR Software licenses shall have an initial term of 12 months (1-year Subscription Licenses). All renewals of free NFR Software license shall be subject to Syncro Soft’s prior approval.

Purchase at Discount Prices

Partners may purchase limited quantities of selected NFR Software licenses at discounted prices, as set forth in table that follows. All renewals of such NFR Software licenses shall be subject to Syncro Soft’s approval.

Requests to purchase additional NFR Software licenses (or renewals) must be supported by an appropriate justification statement by the Partner, and will not be granted without the express written approval of Syncro Soft Channel Management.

NFR Discounts  
    Discount (% off then-current retail list price of 1-year Subscription licenses)     50%
    Maximum software of NFR licenses a Partner can purchase     10
    License Term (from data software activation key is provided to Partner)     12 months

Additional Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to this NFR Program:

1. Partner shall use NFR licenses only for:

  • Demonstrating the product’s features and functions to end-user customers in a non-production environment
  • Providing live instructor-led, classroom technical training to end-user customers
  • Partner’s own internal testing or evaluation of the Software
  • Use in-house to help familiarize staff with Products functions & features

2. Partner shall use NFR Software on Partner’s own premises or computer equipment. Partner may not install NFR Software in end-user customer’s environment or machines.

3. NFR Software are for internal use and should not be re-sold, leased, or used to provide services for a customer (except for training services if Partner is an Authorized Training Partner)

4. NFR Software must be purchased directly from Syncro Soft and all such requests are subjected for review and verification of information prior to approval.

5. Discounts on NFR Software may not be combined with any other promotions, special pricing, rebates, or incentive programs.

Syncro Soft is entitled to audit the Partner for validating the appropriate use of NFR Software licenses obtained under this Program.

Syncro reserves the right to change any aspect of this program at any time.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the NFR Program, please contact your Syncro Soft Support team ().

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