Java™ Web Start - Oxygen XML Author 19.0

The editor can be installed on your Intranet/Internet web server, becoming accessible to all the users from your organisation. The benefits are: simplified installation - just one click - and automatic upgrade.

The total size of the Java Web Start Bundle is about 38 MB. If the editor is run for the first time, the Java Web Start will download the entire package ; the next time it will check only for modified jar files (an upgrade) and eventually download them. If this is not the case, the application will start immediately.

Press "Start" when the Java™ Web Start finishes the download.

The download time on a 256kbps connection is about 20 minutes.


  • Please configure your JWS not to ask for desktop integration (File / Preferences / Shortcuts), otherwise it will show a dialog box in the same time with the Oxygen license registration dialog box leading to a blocking situation.
  • Due to a Java Web Start implementation problem, it is possible that the program will exit prematurely. The workaround is to check the option "Show Java Console" in the Java Web Start management application.

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