Events • Webinar: Validating XML and JSON Documents Using Oxygen Scripting

Octavian Nadolu

presented by Octavian Nadolu

Wed, January 11, 2023
8:00 AM US Pacific time / 11:00 AM US Eastern time / 5:00 PM Central Europe time
Duration: 1 hour

With the latest release of the Oxygen suite of products, additional support was developed for validating XML and JSON files via Oxygen XML Scripting.

This webinar will cover details about this newly implemented validation scripting support, as well as showing examples of how to use it efficiently. You will learn how to validate files or directories from a command line interface. You can check that your documents are valid from an integration server and you can generate reports in several formats (text, XML, JSON, or an HTML visual format). We won’t be stopping there, as we will also be looking at how you can use transformation or comparison scripts.

During this 1-hour live event, we will focus on showing you the following:

  • How to use the Validation command-line script
  • How to validate against a specific schema file
  • How to validate using the default Oxygen validation scenarios
  • How to use validation scenario from either a scenarios file or a project file
  • How to generate the validation results in various formats (YAML, JSON, XML, HTML)
  • How to run validation on an continuous integration server CI/CD
  • How to use the Transformation command-line script
  • How to use the Comparison/Merge command-line script

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