Events • Webinar: DITA and Oxygen XML

Wed, Aug 9, 2023
9:00 AM US Pacific time / 12:00 PM US Eastern time / 6:00 PM Central Europe time
Duration: 1 hour

Oxygen XML offers many tools that cover DITA usage scenarios:

  • ready to use support to quickly get started with DITA
  • development tools to allow customization and tuning
  • validation against schemas, DITA specific constraints, custom rules, enhanced with automatic quick fixes
  • collaboration with peers and subject matter experts using web tools to allow user friendly access from any device
  • publishing support with modern responsive HTML5 output or PDF customized with CSS rules
  • receiving user feedback and mapping that to the corresponding DITA topics
  • automation of various tasks to enable continuous integration/delivery

Join George Bina for an overview of the Oxygen tools, highlighting the DITA-specific support. You'll also get the chance to learn about the most recent AI-related additions to Oxygen XML and how they impact DITA content creation and enhancement. Our DITA expert, Radu Coravu, will also be available to address your questions.

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