Events • Webinar: Introducing Oxygen Content Fusion 6.0 (Beta)

Octavian Nadolu

presented by Cristian Talau

Wed, July 26, 2023
8:00 AM US Pacific time / 11:00 AM US Eastern time / 5:00 PM Central Europe time
Duration: 1 hour

With the release of the Beta version of Oxygen Content Fusion 6.0, we aimed to enhance the DITA documentation review and publishing processes for the advanced online collaboration platform.

As we approach the full release, planned for October, we highly value your feedback and invite you to actively participate in shaping the final version of Oxygen Content Fusion 6.0. Your insights will play a crucial role in refining this cutting-edge collaboration platform. Thus, we invite you to join us for an exclusive webinar where we will showcase the significant improvements and features of Oxygen Content Fusion 6.0 Beta.

The topics of this webinar will focus on the following features and improvements of Oxygen Content Fusion 6.0 Beta:

  • Projects: Seamlessly integrate with Git repositories to track reviewers feedback on dedicated branches for each review task.
  • Enhanced Publishing Capabilities: Effortlessly generate WebHelp or PDF outputs with new publishing features. Customize the output via the integrated Oxygen Styles Basket visual customization tool, providing easy and flexible customization options.
  • Improved Review Workflow: Review task owners now have the ability to close a review, allowing time to address feedback effectively.
  • Optimized User Experience: Alongside the introduction of numerous new features, Oxygen Content Fusion's user interface has undergone enhancements, now offering an improved and refreshed look and feel.

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