Events • Webinar: OpenAPI Support in Oxygen

Octavian Nadolu

presented by Octavian Nadolu

Wed, December 14, 2022
8:00 AM US Pacific time / 11:00 AM US Eastern time / 5:00 PM Central Europe time
Duration: 1 hour

OpenAPI is a community-driven open specification that defines a language-agnostic interface used to describe, produce, consume, and visualize RESTful APIs and web services. OpenAPI documents describe the API (or its elements) and are represented in either YAML or JSON formats.

During this live webinar, you will discover the support offered in Oxygen for OpenAPI documents as well as how to create, edit, test, and generate documentation for OpenAPI documents. By joining this live event, you will get the chance to learn the following:

  • How to create OpenAPI documents
  • How to edit and validate OpenAPI documents
  • How edit OpenAPI documentation in Author mode
  • How to generate documentation for OpenAPI components in HTML format
  • How to test an OpenAPI, execute API requests, and validate responses
  • How to create and run test scenarios

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