Events • Webinar: Working with DITA in Oxygen - Quick start with the DITA Startup Project

presented by Alex Jitianu

Wed, November 10, 2021
8:00 AM US Pacific time / 11:00 AM US Eastern time / 5:00 PM Central Europe time

Oxygen XML Editor provides the ability to organize your DITA resources in projects. The DITA Sample Project is a best practice example that shows how DITA content can be organized to provide a scalable and flexible project structure.

With this in mind, during the course of this extensive online event, we will go over:

  • the DITA Project structure
  • using the Main files support to rename or move DITA resources
  • creating a unified editing experience through project level settings
  • spell check and terminology check project settings
  • sharing a framework customization in the project
  • sharing a publishing template in the project

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