Events • Webinar: Comparing and Merging Documents in a Browser Using Oxygen Web Author

presented by Mihai Coanda

Wed, November 3, 2021
9 AM US Pacific time / 12 PM US Eastern time / 5 PM Central Europe time

Comparing documents and merging them is one of the most common parts of documentation workflows, for any set of evolving documents, whether it is for a newer version of a product or a simple document that goes through an improvement process.

The possibility to compare and merge documents in a browser allows reviewers or other stakeholders to see what was changed without the headache of needing to install a separate tool. Their productivity can further be improved by sharing a link that opens the file comparison tool with the changes already being highlighted.

With this in mind, this live webinar will get you accustomed to this more efficient method by showing you:

  • Where does it fit in Oxygen’s internal workflow and how it is being used by our team.
  • What is the 3-way merge and in what cases you can benefit from it.
  • How to resolve the conflicts encountered when multiple users edit the same file.
  • How to integrate the file comparison tool in a CMS to create a history view.

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