Events • tcworld Conference 2021
November 8-19, 2021

tcworld conference 2021

Get ready for one of the biggest events of the year! And we mean it.

Between 8 and 19 of November, Oxygen XML Editor will take part in the tcworld Conference 2021, the digital event that brings together participants, speakers, students and exhibitors of Technical Communication from all over the world to the largest online meeting place.

And for the first time ever, the event will run over a two-week period! So, rest assured that you will get the time that you need to connect with the Oxygen team and discover all the interactive program items and events that we have prepared for you.

Also, make sure to pass by our digital showroom where you can find the latest insights about our products or to make an appointment with our representatives via video conferencing.

To find out more details about the tcworld Conference 2021 and to register online, follow the link below:


14:30 CET
Nov 11, 2021

Publish DITA to WebHelp Responsive and PDF: One Template to Rule Them All

Julien Lacour – Oxygen XML Editor

Want to generate Responsive HTML 5 content or PDF from DITA and you ask yourself what is the right tool for this job?

Don't hesitate and discover the solution that lets you automate the publishing process - the Oxygen Publishing Engine toolkit!

Oxygen Publishing Engine features WebHelp Responsive and PDF as its main output formats for DITA content and both of these outputs can be customized to have a uniform design and CSS styles using a common self-contained customization package, known as Oxygen Publishing Template.

During this presentation, you will learn how to transform a DITA map document and how to obtain the extra level of customization best suited for your specific needs.

14:30 CET
Nov 18, 2021

Orchestrating Complete Collaborative Workflows with Oxygen XML Editor

Alex Jitianu – Oxygen XML Editor

Meeting the different requirements for each of your documentation projects is not always an easy task. Especially in today's world where you need to juggle various services and tools, sometimes from multiple providers.

As Oxygen was designed to offer a wide set of tools, each offering various functionality, in this presentation we will take another approach and we won't just focus on a single tool. Instead, we will learn how the multiple tools of Oxygen (as well as from other providers) can be connected together to offer the right solution for editing and publishing DITA content, in a full collaborative context.