Events • Webinar- Docs as Code: Documentation Management Inspired by Software Development

presented by Alex Jitianu

Wed, September 16, 2020
9:00 AM US Pacific time / 12:00 PM US Eastern time / 6:00 PM Central Europe time

Tools and techniques used in software development can also be applied for documentation management:

  • Storage and issue management using GitHub
  • Automated quality checks and continuous publishing using Netlify
  • Editing and collaboration support
  • Release strategies

During this webinar, Alex Jitianu, lead developer at Syncro Soft, will analyze a working Docs as Code setup that will be freely available on GitHub afterward so attendees will be able to fork it, work with it, gain a deeper understanding and apply these concepts into their own documentation projects. Although any text-based document format works, for the purpose of this webinar, a mixed DITA and Markdown project will be used in the demo setup.

See below the video recording of the same presentation performed at TCWorld 2019.

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