Events • Webinar: Custom Business Rules for DITA Projects

presented by Octavian Nadolu

Wed, December 16, 2020
9:00 AM US Pacific time / 12:00 AM US Eastern time / 6:00 PM Central Europe time

Schematron and Schematron QuickFix (SQF) languages can be used to improve efficiency and quality when editing DITA documents. With their use, you can define actions that will add complex structures in your documents (missing table cells, list conversions, IDs and more) and state integrity requirements in order to help you add content more easily and without making mistakes.

This indispensable webinar will be your step-by-step guide to get started as soon as possible with Schematron and Schematron Quick Fixes. Go over topics, such as:

  • Creating business rules with Schematron to avoid the common issues when editing documents.
  • Defining SQF actions to correct the Schematron imposed rules.
  • Configuring and applying specific Schematron rules on DITA projects.

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