Events • Webinar: XSpec Unit Testing for XSLT and Schematron

presented by Alex Jitianu

Wed, October 10, 2018 11 AM - Noon ET

An overview and tutorial for creating and executing unit tests for XSLT and Schematron. A key requirement for any project is the ability to write unit tests that will ensure that you don't alter existing functionality while the project evolves. The XSpec framework is a great tool for writing such tests for XSLT and Schematron, which is why Oxygen offers built-in support for writing these tests. In this presentation, you will see:

  • A short presentation of the Test Driven Development concept and an overview of the XSpec framework
  • How to create and execute XSpec test scenarios in Oxygen for XSLT and Schematron
  • An Oxygen plugin designed to improve the default XSpec support and speed up XSpec test scenario development

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