Events • Oxygen Presentations at LavaCon Dublin 2017


  • Workshop: The Anatomy of a Real DITA Documentation Project

    May 22, 2017 - 8:15-11:30
    George Bina, Syncro Soft/Oxygen XML Editor

    DITA allows for a lot of flexibility, which translates to a huge number of choices. This is a good thing if you are an advanced DITA user but it may be daunting if you are just getting started or an intermediate user. It is always easier to look at a real example and start from there, rather than starting from scratch.

    In this workshop, we will look over a real-world DITA project, see how it is organized, explore the DITA features it uses, how it is setup to keep track of versions, what publishing options are available, how to check documentation quality, and more.

    On one hand, this can serve as a starting point (as an example you can follow when you start a new project), and on the other hand, you may also notice some interesting approaches that you can adopt in your own projects. Another goal is to show you that the latest trends in the documentation world, specifically that "docs like code" ideas, are perfectly compatible with DITA.

  • Session: XaaS: XML Authoring as a Service

    May 24, 2017 - 9:30-10:30
    George Bina, Syncro Soft/Oxygen XML Editor

    In today’s world, we use more and more services. When we start a project we can do it on GitHub, if we want to communicate within that project we might create a Slack channel, to automate some tasks we can setup Travis to run some scripts, to publish content on the web we can use GitHub Pages, and so on. In this session, we will explore how an XML Authoring service can fit into this services world and various possible use cases.