Webinar - The Business Case for Forms-Based Authoring

The Business Case for Forms-Based Authoring

June 19, 2013

Structured content is considered fundamental to content strategy and an organization's ability to deliver content where it is needed across a wide variety of devices and media. Yet authoring structured content has always been a difficult problem. Coding raw XML and WYSIWYG authoring do not work for most authors.

Starting with version 14, Oxygen introduced the form controls as a new approach to authoring, one that hides the complexity of XML without obscuring the structure we are trying to capture, or creating hard-to-understand errors.

Oxygen invited Mark Baker, owner of Analecta Communications and consultant in structured authoring and topic-based writing, to explore the business case for forms-based structured authoring. Topics covered by this webinar include:

  • Why structured authoring is critical to the modern enterprise
  • The limitations of current structured authoring methods
  • How forms-based authoring addressed these limitations
  • How forms-based authoring hides XML syntax better than WYSIWYG
  • How forms-based authoring at last delivers the ideal of separating content form formatting
  • A demonstration of forms-based authoring in Oxygen XML
  • The benefits to the organization from adopting forms-based authoring

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