Webinar - DITA Support in Oxygen

Profiling and Re-use with DITA 1.2

June 26, 2013

This webinar focuses on more advanced features that justify the return of investment you get from using DITA - the key word here is RE-USE. Re-use can be implemented either directly through content references or indirectly through profiling/conditional content. We will also explore the publishing part by showing how you can change transformation parameters and how you can obtain multiple output formats from DITA.

Topics covered:

  • Re-using content
  • Keys: defining keys, making key references and content key references
  • Validate and check for completeness using profiling conditions and DITAVAL filters
  • Advanced profiling using Subject Schemes maps
  • Customizing a transformation scenario, changing parameters
  • Publishing using multiple scenarios, each having a profiling condition set applied
  • Using a different DITA-OT

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