VideosWhat's New in Oxygen XML Web Author 24.1


Duration: 02:06

This video presents some of the new features implemented in Oxygen XML Web Author 24.1


00:00:06The latest version of Oxygen XML Web Author  has been officially released and we want to  
00:00:10show you a few of the most interesting new  features that were added in version 24.1.
00:00:17First off, Web Author now supports  @ mentions in review comments.  
00:00:22When adding a comment, you can see that if you  enter the @ symbol followed by a user name,  
00:00:27the mention for the other person is then  rendered in blue ... and if we switch to  
00:00:31the other person's perspective, they see the  new mention rendered in orange along with  
00:00:36orange notification symbols so that it's easy to  identify new mentions that are meant for them.  
00:00:42They can filter the review  pane to only show open mentions  
00:00:48and notice that once they reply to  the comment and mark it as done,  
00:00:52the notification symbols disappear.
00:00:59Next, a new Find/Replace side-view was  added to the interface.
00:01:04 It makes it possible to see  
00:01:05all the search results in one place without  having to scroll through the document.  
00:01:10The results are presented directly in the  side-view with the search term highlighted,  
00:01:15and it includes some replace and  navigation buttons to make it very  
00:01:18easy and efficient to precisely replace certain  occurrences, while leaving others intact.
00:01:32Another helpful new addition within  the interface is a "Tags Display  
00:01:36Mode" drop-down menu placed directly in  the breadcrumb bar to make it easier to  
00:01:41change the amount of Tags that are displayed  when exploring the document structure. 
00:01:48These were just a few of the new features  added in Oxygen XML Web Author 24.1. 
00:01:54For a complete list of all the additions and  updates, go to our What's New page on our website.

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