VideosWhat's New in Oxygen XML Web Author 24


Duration: 02:30

This video presents some of the new features implemented in Oxygen XML Web Author 24.


00:00:04Version 24 of the innovative Oxygen XML  Web Author is here and we want to show you  
00:00:10a few of the interesting new features  that were added for this release.
00:00:15A new visual Merge Tool helps resolve conflicts  when multiple users work with the same documents  
00:00:21and commit changes to the same Git repository. It shows the 2 versions side-by-side  
00:00:26with differences marked very clearly. It has some toolbar actions for changing  
00:00:31the tags display mode ... navigating between the  blocks of differences ... and copying changes  
00:00:45from the right side file to the left. The  left side pane is editable so, for example,  
00:00:52you could copy a conflicting change  from the right pane and manually merge  
00:00:57the other person's change by pasting it in  the appropriate location in the left pane.  
00:01:08You can then commit the change made within the  Merge tool to successfully resolve the conflict.  
00:01:18The Web Author user interface was re-designed  for a more modern look and feel.  
00:01:23For example, the side-panes  now have more vertical space  
00:01:27(this is particularly helpful when custom  views are added), the overal blending was  
00:01:34improved for cases where Web Author is embedded  in another application, and visual aspects of  
00:01:40various components such as dialog boxes,  buttons, and menus were also enhanced.  
00:01:51There is also a new option in preferences  where you can change the way tracked changes  
00:01:55are presented. For instance, you can choose to  show insertions in green and deletions in red.  
00:02:10These were just a few highlights of the new  features added in Oxygen XML Web Author 24.  
00:02:16For a complete list of all the additions, updates,  
00:02:18and implementations, go to our  What's New page on our website.

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