VideosWhat's New in Oxygen XML Web Author 25


Duration: 02:40

This video presents highlights of some of the most interesting new features implemented in Oxygen XML Web Author 25.


00:00:03The Oxygen XML Web Author team is very proud  to announce the release of version 25 of the  
00:00:10innovative web-based XML authoring tool. Here  are some highlights of new features and updates  
00:00:15that were implemented in this version. DITA map nodes are now collapsed, by default,  
00:00:20which is especially helpful when navigating  large or complex DITA maps ... and you can  
00:00:26easily expand nodes on demand, both in the  DITA Maps Manager and in the editor pane.  
00:00:38The Outline pane is now also available  for DITA Map documents. It displays a  
00:00:44hierarchical overview of the map structure  and provides quick navigation features.  
00:00:52A new "Inline insertions actions" CSS style  is available when editing a DITA map in the  
00:00:58visual editor. It renders an insertion widget  in locations in the map document where a new  
00:01:04topic reference can be inserted, saving you  several steps in the insertion process. 
00:01:15It is now easier to add indentation in code blocks  using the Tab keyboard shortcut to increase the  
00:01:21indentation or Shift-Tab to decrease it. Also, a new pop-up action is available in the  
00:01:29top-right corner of codeblocks to easily change or  set the syntax highlight language for the code. 
00:01:41The image map editor is now  available for XHTML documents,  
00:01:46providing the means to create  hyperlinks within an image.
00:01:50An  API is also available for adding image  map support in custom document types. 
00:01:56Link actions were added to the  floating toolbar, making it easier  
00:02:00than ever to insert cross references, file  references, or web links in DITA topics. 
00:02:09And there are also new contextual menu actions  available in a "Select" submenu that can be used  
00:02:15for quickly selecting an element ... or its  content ... or even its parent element.
00:02:24These were just some of the new features added  in version 25 of the Oxygen XML Web Author.  
00:02:31For a complete list of all the additions,  
00:02:33updates, and implementations, go to our  What's New page on our website.

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