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Duration: 02:59
This video presents some of the most requested and exciting new features added in Oxygen XML Web Author 23. For a complete list of the additions, updates and implementations go to our What's New page:


00:00:052020 has certainly been a unique and challenging  year for all of us, but the Oxygen team persevered  
00:00:11and we are very proud to announce the  release of Oxygen XML Web Author 23.  
00:00:17Here are some of the highlights of the most  requested and exciting new features.  
00:00:23Over the past few years, one of the most  requested features from Web Author users  
00:00:27has been the ability for teams to edit  and review content concurrently.  
00:00:32You can share your editing session by  sending its URL to other collaborators...  
00:00:38and then you and your colleagues can edit  and review the same document simultaneously.  
00:00:45The concurrent editing session continues  as long as you keep the document open  
00:00:49and the person who originally shared the session  is the only one who can save the document.  
00:01:00A new option was added in the DITA Map Display  Mode drop-down menu to Edit Topic Content.  
00:01:07The DITA map is then displayed with its content  from all referenced topics expanded and you can  
00:01:12edit the referenced content directly.
00:01:18Web Author now includes a dynamic feature  
00:01:20where certain editing events will  trigger a floating toolbar.  
00:01:25It includes editing actions that are available  in the current editing context.
00:01:30 This increases  your productivity by giving you easier access to the most common editing and styling actions.  
00:01:40You now have the ability to transform  Web Author content to PDF.  
00:01:44Oxygen PDF Chemistry is used  behind the scenes to produce  
00:01:48the PDF and it is customizable using CSS.  
00:01:54You can now copy content from Web Author...
00:01:59and paste it into an external application  and the HTML structure is preserved.  
00:02:07It is now easier to open links within documents,  simply by using the Control Click shortcut...and it opens the link in a new browser tab.  
00:02:21Support was added for Bitbucket Server  integrations.
00:02:26You can commit changes in a document  to the Bitbucket repository...  
00:02:33...and after a successful commit...  
00:02:38you then have the option to view  it on the Bitbucket server.  
00:02:43These were just some of the most highly  anticipated new features added in version 23.  
00:02:49For a complete list of all the  additions, updates, and implementations,  
00:02:53go to our What's New page on our website.

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